Employment Law Solictor

There are many reasons that all employees could benefit from hiring an employment law solicitor, whether it be to negotiate your employment contract or act as a legal representative on your behalf in grievance hearings and employment tribunals. Here are some reasons in more detail as to why it might be beneficial for you to hire an employment law … [Read More...]

Unfair Dismissal Claim


If you have been dismissed from your job by your employer without being given a fair reason, you could have the grounds to make an unfair dismissal claim to an employment tribunal. There are many different ways in which you dismissal could have been … [Read More...]

Employment Tribunal Claim


An employment tribunal is where disputes surrounding employment are taken once they have not been resolved informally. Although a tribunal is less formal than a court hearing the decisions are still legally binding.  Your case is heard by a … [Read More...]

Sexual harassment claim


Why would you want to make a sexual harassment claim?   Sexual harassment is rife in many workplaces, and a lot of the time people just put up with it and think that there’s nothing that can be done. But, this shouldn’t be the case – … [Read More...]